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Single parenting isn't easy. Let's Change that

Raising kids alone is stressful. Join our community, and let's do it together.

Who we are: 

The Village is a one-of-a-kind community that seeks to provide a support system for single parents and their children. 


So, whether you are looking for friendship, legal advice, or general support, come join us and other extraordinary parents who have been there!

Who can Join: 

  • If you are a parent (mother or father) at any of the stages before, during, or after the onset of single parenthood

  • If you are a widow or widower, 

  • If you had a child via surrogacy or adoption

  • If you parent alone (outside of marriage)

Hello! We’re here to listen to you.

Anouskha Goyal

​​I am a practicing advocate based out of Mumbai and have co-founded EverTrust Legal, a full-service multi-disciplinary law firm.  


The Indian judicial system is an exercise in long drawn-out procedures and patience

The Village has prepared a repository of legal experts, both law and individual practitioners, that you can pick and choose from.

Divya Madhur

I’m Divya Madhur, a spiritual teacher, healer, relationship coach, medical intuitive, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur. 

Mental Health - Relationship Coach & Spiritual Teacher

Apurva Lunkad

I am Apurva Lunkad,  a certified Parent and Life coach. It's my mission to make ‘inner child healing’ a regular part of self-care in people's lives.

Mental Health - Parent Coach & Life Coach

Vishakha Gupta

LL.M in International Dispute Resolution from Queen Mary, University of London | BB.A. LL.B. from School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore

Legal - Founding partner Edios Law firm

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Legal Assistance

The Village provides access to legal assistance specifically tailored to the needs of single parents. You can receive guidance and support on legal matters such as child custody, child support, divorce, and other family law issues.

Exclusive Offline and Online Meetups

The Village organizes offline and online meetups exclusively for single parents. These meetups provide opportunities to connect with other single parents, share experiences, exchange advice, and build a supportive network of individuals who understand the unique challenges of single parenting.

Inclusive Community

By joining the Village, you become part of a community of single parents who can offer empathy, encouragement, and practical support. You can engage with other members through various channels, such as forums, chat groups, and social media platforms, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

Career Coaching

Here you can post openings in your organsisation or apply for jobs posted by others. There is also alot of resources to help single parents find suitable employment opportunities. This can include job listings, career resources, networking opportunities, and support in navigating the job market while balancing the responsibilities of single parenting.

Mental Health Experts

Gain access to mental health experts or resources vetted by us! These professionals can offer guidance, counseling, and support to help single parents address and manage the emotional and psychological aspects of their journey.

The Village Academy

 Access courses exclusively curated for Single Parents by Single Parents!


And so much more…!


Joining the Village for Single Parents offers a range of benefits designed to support and empower single parents. Here are some of the benefits you can gain

The Village membership plan

We have always been a "people first, business later" community. And yes, we're a start-up now, but we still aim to be a community that puts the needs of its members before its own interests. No games, no decoy pricing, no marketing BS!

  • Premium

    Every year
    • Access to the Village Bliss Room
    • Access to the Village Living Room
    • Access to The Village Job Board
    • Free session “The Village Bliss Room
    • Free session with a legal expert “A Better Future
    • Free courses
    • Discounted exclusive ‘The Village’ premium courses
    • Exclusive Village membership card
    • Invites to social mixers and networking events
    • Speed dating events
    • Early bird access
    • The Village on the Go

As seen in

How can we help you?


It empowers single parents through programs and workshops, both free and paid, that are designed to address your unique needs. 

Our diverse team of coaches, practitioners, and legal experts is committed to providing the tools for clarity, growth, learning, and livelihood.

Single mum

Village family

Here’s what The Village's moms and dads have to share!

Being a Single Mum for 11 yrs I never knew there was a group or there are single mums like me who are around me until I met Laila and found out that it's okay to stay single and its okay to fight with life for your best living. I was in touch with Laila for the past few months but completely being part of her forum The Village it's been a great 7 months season and Im learning and understanding things that we discuss and the efforts Laila takes to keep Single parents United is impeccable. I'm proud to be part of this group and I have now confidence in facing society's norms I'm glad that's just because of this group and Laila's support! We never feel alone, and that's the best part of this whole team I would love to thank a few other mums like Afeefa, Roohi, Mansi, Pretha, Arathy, and a few others who do support each other and other members of our group! I'm happy to say I have a large group of friends throughout this world 🌎 who are Single but great Mums ❤️...Stay single and slay!

Geethu Agit

Village mum, Kochi

Here’s what The Village's single moms and dads have to share!

When I was going through a tough period in my life, I came across the Village, and I joined the community as soon as I decided to separate. The Village has consistently been a fantastic source of support for me. I made a lot of friends and always had a cheer squad to help me celebrate my wins. One may not fully comprehend what is happening until one goes through a divorce or another terrible situation. With Village, there is always someone who has experienced the same thing. and came out of the opposite end, the rational voices that assure you that you are not here alone. 

Santy Mathews

Village dad, Pune

Here’s what The Village's single moms and dads have to share!

I have the privilege of being I think the first male member in The Village in 2022 and also the eldest member. This is a wonderful safe space for Single Parents to have a no holds barred, non-judgmental platform to network, share problems with like-minded people and get multiple kinds of advice on a plethora of issues ...all for free with people who genuinely understand where they r coming from and can genuinely relate to them. It is truly a godsend for Single Parents looking to express themselves without any blowback. Kudos to Laila for this endeavor.


Village mum, Hyderabad

Here’s what The Village's single moms and dads have to share!

The Village for single parents has been a blessing and a lifesaver on several occasions. It has helped me cope with so much, someone always is awake/around to help here! It’s also a space where we can share recommendations, reviews, and tips on everything from shopping to finances. It has helped so many find work, by circulating resumes and best of all, by like-minded people. We share presents for Christmas and letters of love for Valentine’s, it’s a family of strong women and men, being moderated by one of the fiercest women I know, Laila. Laila has herded this community so well. I’ve learned about personal boundaries, knowing when to say No, voicing my opinion, and so much more especially in her company and also others here. I love this space and we all know we are here for each other through the tough times and the good ones!


Village mum, Delhi

Here’s what The Village's single moms and dads have to share!

Being a single parent can be a lonely and overwhelming journey, but the village has provided me with a network of support that has made all the difference. It's not just a support group, it has become my family. It's a safe space where I can share my experiences without being judged. I have learned a lot from the experiences of family members and it's helping me every day to sail through this journey of single parent. They say, "It takes a Village to raise a child" and I am so grateful that I found one. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a single parent.

Shahana T.A

Village mum, Kochi

Here’s what The Village's single moms and dads have to share!

The village changed my life for good. I’m inspired by the people I met here. They help me to unlearn and learn. Group hugs are always a favorite. I like how everyone’s motivated & ready to help. I love the live / banter sessions. What helped me the most is the kind of energy they provide. The helpful suggestions and remarks I receive are important to me. Village helped me to focus on the most important things in my life and less on BS 😁🙌 

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