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Apurva Lunkad

Mental Health - Parent Coach & Life Coach

I am Apurva Lunkad,  a certified Parent and Life coach. It's my mission to make ‘inner child healing’ a regular part of self-care in people's lives.


I strongly believe that every "problem" or impasse that we face in life has its roots in our childhood and in the wounds we inflicted during that time. I provide one-on-one coaching sessions for people so that they can caress their inner child back to emotional maturity and harmony and thus lead lives full of joy and hope. I have also crafted a self-help journal called ‘Unfold’, which has guided prompts to write, set intentions, and reflect in a way that makes healing an enjoyable process.


I'm thrilled to get on board with The Village, which reaches out to single parents and makes their journey a happier one.

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