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Vishakha Gupta

Legal - Founding partner Edios 

LL.M in International Dispute Resolution from Queen Mary, University of London
BB.A. LL.B. from School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore
Having had a practice spanning various areas of civil and commercial litigation, I have focuses on aspects of litigation - mitigation as well resolution. Advises, clients on methods to mitigate litigation risk in the conduct of their business by providing industry specific and strategic opinions. Also advises on resolution of disputes concerning property matters, family disputes, succession, recovery, shareholder disputes, contractual issues and matters
concerning white collar crimes. I am also involved in the intricate aspects of the framework to facilitate litigation of strategy, drafting pleadings, briefing counsels, appearing and conducting matters before the High Court of Delhi, District Court of Delhi, Tribunals and various statutory and regulatory authorities. Recently appointed as a Steering Committee Member for Indian
Women in International Arbitration. 

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