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The Village is officially a start-up


The Village is chosen by "Leap club for 1:1 mentoring


We hit 8k followers on Instagram


Single dads enter the conversation via the WhatsApp group


We launched our legal advisory service firm. "A Better Future"


We reached the 5000 members milestone


The village job board is launched


We reached the 1000 members milestone


We get coverage in major papers and publication 


The village opens its doors and welcomes our first member


About The Village

Supporting Single Parents in India

At The Village, we are dedicated to build a one-stop shop providing support and resources to single parents across India, and also to parents of Indian descent living anywhere in the world. 

We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that single parents face and aim to create a nurturing and empowering community where they can find understanding, guidance, and a sense of belonging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a supportive network that empowers single parents, offering them a safe space to share their experiences, seek advice (legal, mental health..etc), and find encouragement within the community on their parenting journey. We strive to create an inclusive environment that recognises and celebrates the diverse backgrounds, stories, and needs of single parents in India!


I can't thank Laila enough for this. The acceptance and inclusiveness that come with being in this group are immense. Here we are all equal, paving our way through life when we have taken a slightly different route than that we've heard of commonly. Our struggles are valid, as are the efforts we take to overcome everything, most of them single-handedly. We talk about food, clothes, places to hang out, children, and pretty much anything else. We are kind, understanding, friends, and most importantly, just there for each other in our joys or otherwise. Isn't that what we wish for in a support group? Grateful. 

Single mum

Village family

The divorce wrecked me, turning my life upside-down. It became scarier than my worst nightmare—I'm a single Dad, not a Mom. Marital discord and divorce aren't exclusive to women. As an equal partner, I endured social stigma and overwhelming vulnerability. It was miserable.

But joining The Village brought it to light. I met compassionate people, felt loved, respected, and rediscovered myself. I deserved happiness too. Thanks to everyone at The Village.

Cherry Sebastian

Village dad

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