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Join Our Village Community

Hello you! We are so glad you have found your way here. This is it. 

Our large family of single moms and single dads 

We hereby cordially invite you to step in and check out our loving and thriving community

Support And Empowerment for Single Parents

Not too long ago, we were sitting around sharing some chai and beers and admiring the amazing community we had going on Instagram. And then, out of the blue, someone said, 'Hey, why don't we turn this into something truly impactful?' Cue nervous laughter and excited jitters.


But instead of panicking, we dove right in, armed with the most important tool of all: questions. We asked ourselves, 'What do we, as single parents in India, really need?' We discussed our worries, the help we wished for, the friends we wished we had, and a variety of other topics, all inspired by the unique Indian single-parent narrative.


And voila! That's how our brainchild was born—the first Indian single-parent ecosystem and community crafted with genuine love and meticulous thought, by single parents, for single parents. Pretty cool, huh?


Now this is what they call it in startup lingo, a version 1 or V1.0. This simply means we’re only beginning and are going to keep fine-tuning this, adding more features, and making every iteration aimed at bringing the community closer to being wholesome for you.


Check out what we’ve curated for you lovingly as part of being a community member

What our members get

Social mixers and networking events

Socialize and network safely with The Village's vetted single parents and other relevant individuals

A member only forum

The Village Living Room is a community forum for you to interact with other single parents and discuss topics ranging from cartoons to the cosmos, mental health to making wealth, and so much more. 

A Better Future

1 x 30-minute session with a legal expert to clear a path toward your desired life 

The Village Academy

Empowers single parents through programs and workshops, with both free and paid options, that are designed to address their unique needs

​The Village on the Go!

 Single-parent trips curated by The Village

Legal support

With the Village, you no longer need to navigate the legal system alone. We are here to support you and ensure that your rights and the well-being of your child are protected.

The Village Job Board

We have career and upskilling coaches here to help you find yourself better prepared when you step back into the corporate world as a Single Parent!






Join the Village Family

Raising kids alone is stressful. Let's do it together.

  • Premium

    Every year
    • Access to the Village Bliss Room
    • Access to the Village Living Room
    • Access to The Village Job Board
    • Free session “The Village Bliss Room
    • Free session with a legal expert “A Better Future
    • Free courses
    • Discounted exclusive ‘The Village’ premium courses
    • Exclusive Village membership card
    • Invites to social mixers and networking events
    • Speed dating events
    • Early bird access
    • The Village on the Go
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